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The concept is dramatically simple - fabric, veneer, vinyl or dry erase surfaces are bonded to a thin magnetic backing so they can be easily applied to any metal surface. Patent Pending.


Create customized workplace solutions with a minimum of time, money, and effort.
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Veneers Printed Vinyls Woodgrain Vinyls
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Nature Designs Marker Surfaces Premier Image Signage COM's

  • Raises design aesthetic possibilities to a new level
  • Gives ability to closely coordinate more elements in the office
  • Provides a new option for fabric covered binder bins/flipper doors
  • Cost competitive with painting but much higher visual value and no emptying or transporting of files
  • Striking speckle finish dry erase surfaces for file fronts, sides, and flipper doors
  • Mismatched furniture can be made to look more like it belongs together
  • Most COMís can readily be used
  • Facements cover scratches and many dents
  • Allows continuous file banks of same color to be broken up and made attractive
  • Helps deaden noisy metal clatter
  • Enhances the overall appearance to the degree that the furniture manufacturer gains stature


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