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Veneer & Vinyl
Other (Leather, High Pressure Laminate)
How do I determine the amount of fabric required for COM?
Once you determine the exact product and quantities you are ordering, one of our customer service representatives will help you determine the yardage required. Deduct 5% off net price for COM.

Will Facements order COM fabric direct from a jobber?
We prefer you purchase the material yourself, however, you may have the material shipped prepaid directly to Facements. We assume the face side will be rolled to the inside. Please ask the COM fabric supplier to reference your company name and your Facements P.O. number on the material.

Can I use COM veneers or vinyls?
Possibly, but we would need to test samples first. Veneers must be backed and prefinished.

What fabrics can be used on Facements?
Our EZ spec fabrics, "Expressives", and most other panel or upholstery fabrics work well, especially synthetics. Very loose weaves and natural fibers ( cotton, wool) may tend to fray on the edges since they do not heat seal. Send us samples with specifications and we will evaluate.

Are there additional colorways of the EZ spec fabrics?
Yes, a total of 154 which can be seen on our Guilford of Maine website link or at guilfordofmaine.com/samplecenter. "Expressives" offer another 52 standard fabrics.

Can I specify how a directional fabric is applied?
Yes, however, if fabric yield is reduced it will impact cost.

How many different fabrics can I use on a single pedestal cushion?
Plain-One, Sidebar or Tufted hourglass - One or two recommended. Could use three.

What are the best fabrics to use on pedestal cushions?
For heavy use areas we recommend upholstery grade fabrics. Typical usage is infrequent so most panel fabrics can be used. Very sheer, light, or open weave fabrics should be avoided.

Which EZ spec fabrics are upholstery grade?
Here & Now and Infinity Crepe. All "Expressives" are also upholstery grade fabrics.

Veneer & Vinyl
Does Facements offer additional colors or species of veneer or can you color match?
Typically not unless the required volume is sizeable - for example, 100 pieces for lateral file drawer fronts.

Can the wood grain on veneer Facements run in the width dimension instead of the length?
No, the yield is significantly reduced and pattern/grain matches cannot be maintained.

Can I bend vinyls and veneers?
Veneers will flex somewhat with the grain but will crack if bent against the grain. Rigid vinyls are flexible to a point, but will permanently crease if folded. Flexible vinyls would crease only if severely folded.

Other (Leather, High Pressure Laminate)
Can leather be used to make Facements?
Yes, COM only.

How about high pressure laminate?
No, too brittle and sharp corners and edges.

Can you use leathers and vinyls on pedestal cushions?
Yes, COM only.


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