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How do you cut Facements? Can I cut them myself?
We use different processes for fabrics, vinyls, and veneers and do not recommend field cutting. Fabrics especially require our heat sealing process to control fraying.

How do you bond the materials to magnet?
We use specific adhesion processes for each different surface material to maximize bond strength. This is a closely monitored part of our exclusive process.

Can I install Facements myself?
Absolutely. With a little experience you can cover lateral files in minutes.

Will Facements cover scratches and dents?
Scratches - yes.
Dents - to a degree. The magnet will tend to draw down into deep dents.

How do I determine the size I need if I can't identify the file manufacturer or model number?
Call Facements customer service with descriptions and measurements. If we cannot match up to our database we will send you a measuring kit. After we receive the kit back from you we will send a pre-production sample to verify the fit.

Do you Produce Facements to the exact drawer size?
No, they are approximately 1/8" smaller in height and width.

What fabrics can be used?
Our EZ spec fabrics and most other panel or upholstery fabrics work well, especially synthetics. Very loose weaves and natural fibers (cotton, wool) may tend to fray on the edges since they do not heat seal. Send us samples with specifications and we will evaluate.

Do you offer Facement surfaces that can be scrubbed?
Yes, wood grain and printed vinyls, Nature Designs, and ultra stain resistant Crypton® Fabrics.

Can Facements be applied to steel doors?
Yes, however, we have a maximum standard width of 25". Some fabrics and veneers can be special ordered for widths up to 45".

Can Facements be attached to non metallic surfaces?
No, unless adhesives are used to provide a semi-permanent mounting.

What can I do if I see slight dimples showing on the face of my dry erase and vinyl Facements?
Thoroughly cleaning the drawer front and magnet backing will eliminate the dimples.

How does the cost of covering my lateral file compare to the cost to repaint?
Depending on the quantity, the cost is typically comparable. However, with Facements there's no need to empty drawers, transport the files, or temporarily store the file's contents. Plus, with Facements fabric, vinyl, and veneer options the file can be better coordinated to the decor and looks much more attractive.


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